All industries can prosper.

We collaborate with forward-thinking businesses big and small.


can take advantage of the innovative Cloud Beacon to promote their brands to individuals who do not know that they are open for business. Sending promotional messages to any passerby will help them locate your storefront quickly. The Cloud Beacon will help the storefronts earn the loyalty over time.

Car dealers

can place the device in a vehicle to promote specs and features without mentioning a word to anyone, the beacon does it for you. Salesmen can take care of fresh leads while the beacon informs other customers of promotions on that hard sell vehicle.


will only obtain clients with proper promotion. You can use the Cloud Beacon to inform people in your area that there is a new place to unwind after a long day at work. When they receive messages through their smartphones about the opening of a new club or bar, they will love to come around and have fun, and you will also record sales as more people admire your brand.


most effectively market their brand through word of mouth. The Cloud Beacon does that and more. Imagine if you could send a push notification about your latest hair styles in season or even a 10% coupon off shampoo. If more people know about your services and you are delivering a brilliant job, your clientele base will increase and lead to a positive brand image for your business.


move from one location to another each day and can make use of the Cloud Beacon to gain more leads. The Cloud Beacon can be used to spread messages to the smartphones of people in your path. The beacon will put you into contact with aspiring homeowners.

Service providers

such as plumbers, electricians, contractors, and HVAC experts will enjoy the fantastic features of the Cloud Beacon as they work on thousands of homes. Imagine passing through while marketing your company. By sending promotional messages to phones in the vicinity, will create a viable business relationship with these clients and build your brand’s prospects.